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      Hiking data sheet:

      Places along the hike:   Pescara river sources
      Territory of:    Popoli (Pescara)
      Distance from the Quadrifoglio:    45 km
      Time taken by car to get to the hiking start point:    1:00
      Hike length:    5 km
      Hike duration:    2:00
      Total time:    4:00


      Each trail is classified by difficulty "T" (tourist) level.

      The trail durations are approximate and may vary according to weather conditions and the preparation of the hikers.

      At the request of the participants, the trips can be extended to the level "E" ('Escursionistico' i.e. hiking) and "EE" (Escursionisti Esperti i.e. Experienced hikers).

      On request, we can pla walks throughout the national park of the Maiella and the Gran Sasso massif

      N.B. The participants are required to wear hiking shoes and appropriate clothing.